• An ideal solution to easily create your token !
  • Personalization possible !
  • Commercial and technical support 7 days a week !
  • Receive your tokens directly on your wallet once they are created !
  • A system that does not depend on any state or bank !
  • For all types of businesses, non-profits or individuals !
  • No computer knowledge required !

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EXCLUSIVE : The first token creation offer accessible to all !

“People will create more and more tokens. But until now, it was not necessarily easy to do.” Guillaume, CEO of Nokenchain

The world population is gradually understanding the new possibilities offered by Blockchain and tokens. Many want to jump into this new economy. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy if you’re from another area. Fortunately, it is possible to create your token super easily. This is what we offer you today with a unique token creation service : the Nokenchain token creation service.

How to easily create your token ?

A token is a digital token that represents something. We suggest you create it using our simplified system. You read that correctly, this is the strength of our offer : simplicity ! As its name suggests, our offer will allow you to create your token with the characteristics of your choice (name, number of tokens, description, …). However, our offer is super quick and easy for you. Indeed, no programming knowledge is necessary !

Your token created in a few exchanges of information

It is of course possible to create the tokens you want. All you need to do is order from this page and you’re good to go. Your token will be created within 48-72 hours if you send the information quickly and you can start using it right after. They will be sent directly to your Waves wallet. You can send it to someone or sell it for bitcoin, ether or Waves, as well as other cryptocurrencies ! You will understand, there are only advantages to using our simplified token creation offer.

It has never been easier to create a token, and it is even the first offer that existed at Nokenchain (December 2019). You should probably ask yourself the following question : “What if I don’t know anything about tokens ?”. Don’t panic, our offer includes technical and commercial support 7 days a week. To put it simply, place your order on this page and you will be contacted for the creation of the token (watch your emails carefully).

Don’t wait a moment longer and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Dozens of people have already created their token via our service, so why not you ?

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