• An ideal solution in times of crisis !
  • Efficiency !
  • Investment type : Variable income
  • 0 month of loss since its launch !
  • Commercial and technical support 7 days a week !
  • Earnings sent every 6 months !
  • The winnings are paid in ETH (ERC20) directly to your wallet (electronic wallet) !
  • A fully automated system !
  • For all people who want to trade ETH without spending time there !
  • Accessible even without knowledge of cryptotrading !
  • Version 2.0 !

The strength of our offer : Guaranteed capital and guaranteed minimum gains !

Largest amount sent to a customer : €123.50

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EXCLUSIVE : The first trading bot with guaranteed return on ETH !

“Most cryptocurrency traders are losers” Journalducoin.com

According to the Journal du Coin, an unprecedented influx of private traders is invading exchanges (cryptocurrency exchange platforms) but several studies have shown that 95% of them will be losers in the long term. Fortunately, it is possible to be among the winners to generate regular interval trading gains. This is what we are offering you today thanks to an unique cryptotrading bot : the etherbot.

Trade ETH to generate income

This bot uses the power of the Blockchain ! We thus offer you to cryptotrade, and this even if you do not know anything ! You read that correctly, that is the strength of our offer ! As its name suggests, the etherbot aims to guarantee you a financial flow from cryptotrading, like a trader in a bank. The yields are more interesting than the saving accounts usually offered by banks.

It’s still risky (it’s trading), but less than if you cryptotrade yourself !

It is of course possible to put the amount you want (in increments of €200). All you need to do is wire the money from this page to the etherbot and you’re good to go. The set-up will be done within 48 to 96 hours and you will be able to start receiving your first financial flows 6 months later. These are distributed at regular intervals and arrive directly on your ETH wallet (electronic wallet). You will be able to withdraw your money at any time in euros or in cryptos (with your favorite exchange) and the sums paid can never be lost (they’re on your wallet) ! You will understand, there are only advantages to using the etherbot in order to generate cryptotrading capital gains in this complicated period.

It has never been easier to take advantage of a fully automated cryptotrading bot that generates financial flow over time. You should probably ask yourself the following question : “What if the bot loses in the markets ?”. Don’t panic, the etherbot is programmed to react and it never happened until now. Nokenchain also benefits from a protection fund.

Don’t wait a moment longer and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Dozens of people have already trusted us, so why not you ?

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