– Support farmers, producers and all the professions related to this exciting sector with our cryptocurrency. We will provide you with FRMP tokens (€1) directly on your wallet !
– You can be both an investor and a consumer.
– Finance/buy directly from a professional of the sector while benefiting in the future from a return to allow you to buy from your favourite farmer.
– We are working on the development of a redistributive pot system unique in the world.
– Our offer is based on a unique pooling system on the market which is secured by our technical and technological partner Nokenchain.
– This way of investing and consuming allows to support the producers, farmers and at the same time to benefit from their products at lower cost.

Become Farmers Angels !

Team FarmerPools

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Farmers are the heart of our economy.

Unfortunately, they are marginalized as well as their work.

We wish to redistribute to them what they deserve while putting them on the front of the stage via the technological tool Blockchain via the system of pooling (system of redistributive common pot).
Our dedicated portal will emphasize the products of the agricultural sector, but also to perpetuate their activities in the hearts even of our lives.

To preserve all these know-how, we also collaborate with the NOKENCHAIN company which will support our commercial actions by its technical expertise on the Blockchain, the redistribution of the returns for all the stakeholders.
The investment pool is a reserve of tokens (common pot), which will generate capital gains, these will help to overcome the lack of liquidity.
Because it will be available 24 hours a day, the participative part will come from the total amount collected to propose increasingly higher redistributed capital gains.
For the producers, the pool will function as a treasury able to generate a passive income for him and his activity.

In exchange we wish to reward the effort of immobilizing the amount proposed to help the producers in tokenized vouchers for the consumer investor.
Let’s summarize :
We secure the stakeholders related to the investment pool through our collaboration with NOKENCHAIN.
We will generate liquidity through the pooling system linked to the blockchain waves for farmers to preserve their business.
We will reward consumer investors on their wallets with tokenized coupons in PMF.


The way we consume is changing. From now on, we can buy and help while being rewarded with dignity for doing so !

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