• Take part in our pools !
  • Efficiency !
  • Earning type : Computer hardware
  • 100% chance of being among the winners !
  • Commercial and technical support 7 days a week !
  • Frequency : 4 months !
  • The winnings are paid in computer hardware sent by Post (Europe only) !
  • A fully automated system !
  • For all people who want to earn computer hardware !
  • Penalty the first year only in case of withdrawal : 15%
  • Minimum to operate : $2000 net
  • Current amount : 0/2000
  • Date of posting : 11/21st/2022
  • Starting date : /

The strength of our pools : 100% of participants will be winners one day !

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A community pool is a kind of common pot with a specific purpose.

– Take part in the pool of your choice to be part of the future winners.
– Withdraw from the pool whenever you want (just a 15% penalty in the first year).

Each participation gives you the opportunity to be part of the future winners.

Through different Blockchain protocols, we will make you a future winner. It’s 100% guaranteed because anyone who participates in a pool is a winner one day (winners designated in order of arrival).

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