• Invest in 3.0 startups from their creation !
  • Guaranteed regular return and/or tokens for investors !
  • Commercial and technical support 7 days a week !
  • Receive your return in BTC, ETH, USDT or platform token !
  • Several possible economic sectors !
  • For all those who want to invest in young projects and bet on their growth !
  • Invest below (in increments of €100) ! You will then receive an email to tell us which project the money should go to.

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What is a 3.0 startup ?

A startup, or young shoot, is a newly created innovative company, generally in search of significant investment funds, with a very strong potential for economic growth and financial speculation on its future value. Its phase of research and development of an innovative product, testing of ideas, validation of technology, or economic model is more or less long, before its commercial phase.

Startups are generally established in business incubators, technology parks or in hacker houses, in innovative markets. Their number grew in particular from the 1990s, with the new economy (or digital economy, at the origin of the Internet bubble). They can be financed by various forms of venture capital, business angels, innovation mutual funds, etc.

The 3.0 startups supported by Nokenchain work in the field of poolization.

How does this investment work ?

We always do the same :
– We define sectors to poolize.
– We find someone who wants to take care of the startup (COO / Chief Operating Officer).
– The COO does the whitepaper for the project.
– We train the person.
– We help him/her with the site.
– We do a fundraising on the Internet.
– Concept 3.0 is launched.
– Investors receive the rewards shown in the whitepaper.

What are the costs ?
Carrying out a 3.0 startup is not technically very difficult for Nokenchain. Then, you need more or less capital to launch it (it depends on the chosen sector), hence the fundraising.
In any case, we guarantee investors that there are rewards for them (indicated in the whitepaper).

Which startups supported by Nokenchain can I invest in at the moment ?

  • farmerpools.com : poolization of farmers ((contact at farmerpools dot com))
  • We have someone interested in becoming COO of the decentralized lossless lotto project. The project will be posted here as soon as possible.

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