• Invest in a web TV under construction !
  • Regular return guaranteed for investors !
  • Commercial and technical support 7 days a week !
  • Receive your return in BTC, ETH or USDT every 4 months !
  • Several possible areas !
  • For all those who want to invest in projects without the worries that go with them (technical set-up, day-to-day management, marketing, accounting, …) !
  • No webTV knowledge required !

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What is a web TV ?

A web TV is a television channel that broadcasts only over the Internet.
Web TVs in partnership with Nokenchain also do video on demand.
A Web TV uses streaming or progressive downloading technology to deliver its content to the Web. Users call up a video stream that they watch from their browser.

How does this investment work ?

We always do the same :
– We define themes.
– We find someone who wants to take care of a channel.
– We do a fundraising on the Internet.
– We build the site.
– We train the person.
– The web TV is launched.
– Investors regularly receive a portion of the generated profits.

What are the costs ?
Making a web TV is not technically very difficult for Nokenchain. Then, it takes around at least €2000 to launch it, hence the fundraising.
In all cases, we guarantee a regular return for investors.

Which web TVs can I invest in at the moment ?

  • cryptomonnaies.tv
  • millionnaires.tv
  • We also have 2 people on 2 other topics. They will be posted here as soon as possible.

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