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Market state

10 years after the invention of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, we are left with :

– More than 5030 cryptocurrencies followed by Coinmarketcap.
– More than 6600 referenced cryptocurrencies.
– More than 21,000 markets (pairs of cryptocurrency to exchange), including 522 on Binance.
– More than 400 crypto-exchanges (cryptocurrency trading platforms).
– More than 52 industries already using this technology.
– More than 50 technical types of consensus.
– A marketcap of 300 billion euros.
– A 24-hour volume of more than 84 billion euros.
– A bitcoin dominance always higher than 50%.
– More than 1540 referenced tokens on CoinMarketCap (mainly created on the Ethereum blockchain).
– The number of blockchain patents of IBM jumped by 300% (07/17th/2019 article / 108 patents / 160 million dollars of investments).
– Facebook plans to launch its cryptocurrency (Libra).

Several conferences have already been held in the world concerning the tokenization of the economy and the “tokenization of everything”.

Nokenchain considers that during the 2000s, the trend was to create his website, then his blog.
In the 2010s, the trend was to create accounts on social networks.

In the 2020s, the trend will be to create your own token…

What is Nokenchain ?


Nokenchain allows everyone (individuals, businesses, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, videographers, …) to create a token, and organizes this huge market that will develop during the 2020s.

This project is the first to allow people to create tokens easily (as easily as a domain name is filed), without technical knowledge, and to set the future habits and standards of the market.

Each token has its specific aspects and associated tools, allowing everyone to communicate around it to make it worthwhile or fund projects.
Everything will be accompanied by marketcaps (classifications) and crypto-exchanges.

The project is community-based. Ultimately, it will have to become decentralized and autonomous. It is also planned to reach a phase where the generated profit will be donated to the community.

4 main tools (but not only …) :
Fund raising.
Democratic tools.
Strengthening the links between a tokenized person and his community.
Advertising management by tokenization of influencers for brands.

Blockchain operation ensures the traceability of information and the transparency of actions.

Nokencoin (NOKN) is an utility token running with our Virtual Proof of Stake technology.


Most people don’t know what a token is and what it can be used for.
On a larger scale, most people do not yet know how to use cryptocurrencies and / or what Blockchain or smart contracts really are.

Most tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain, which requires knowledge of the Solidity programming language.
This is a big brake if for example an individual or an athlete wants to easily create his token.

There is not really yet an organization on the market (as for domain names with ICANN for example).

Most tokens created are for cryptoprojects, not yet for individuals or objects.

On another note, the Proof of Work consumes a lot of electricity.

Talent is not yet considered a metric by the general public. You can have people who have talent in a field and who can never really exploit it, which is a loss for society and humanity.

People who have reached a certain level must be able to make a living from their activity.

Signing contracts, transactions and interactions between the various participants in a system are slow, expensive, humanly outdated and not that productive. Not to mention the problems of distribution of wealth.

Private interests decide who (or what) to watch, what to buy, what involvement to have, etc.

Les solutions Nokenchain

– Create an ecosystem that will provide simple tools for everyone, more interactions and commitments.
– Create a new system of social connections via tokenization.
– Help young talents through tokenization, to increase their chances of success.
– Increase the chances of contracts for different professional users.
– Allow fans more interaction and choice.
– Allow brands to access new advertising channels much more easily, quickly and directly.
– Redistribute the money better (fewer intermediaries, direct contacts, less fees, …).
– Develop knowledge of tokens with the general public through communication campaigns and simple tools.
– Facilitate the creation of tokens without computer skills.
– Organize the market through a system of registrars.
– Develop the creation of tokens for individuals and objects.
– Develop the Proof of Stake.
– Refocus decision-making on the collective.

All of this will be achieved by creating a large, easy-to-use tokenization platform, with tools for each type of token, as well as incentives to join and publicize the platform.

Problèmes et solutions

Les problèmes dans l’industrie du token

La plupart des gens ne savent pas ce qu’est un token et à quoi ça peut servir.
À plus grande échelle, la plupart des gens ne savent pas encore se servir des cryptomonnaies et/ou ce qu’est vraiment la Blockchain ou les smart contracts.

La plupart des tokens sont créés sur la blockchain Ethereum, ce qui nécessite de connaître le langage de programmation Solidity. Ceci est un gros frein si par exemple un particulier ou un sportif veut créer facilement son token.

Il n’y a pas vraiment encore d’organisation sur le marché (comme pour les noms de domaine avec l’ICANN par exemple).

La plupart des tokens créés le sont pour des cryptoprojets, pas encore pour des individus ou des objets.

Dans un autre registre, le Proof of Work consomme beaucoup d’électricité.

Le talent n’est pas encore considéré comme une métrique par le grand public. Vous pouvez avoir des gens qui ont du talent dans un domaine et qui ne pourront jamais l’exploiter vraiment, ce qui est une perte pour la société et l’humanité.

Les gens ayant atteint un certain niveau doivent pouvoir vivre de leur activité.

Les signatures de contrats, les transactions et les interactions entre les différents participants d’un système sont lentes, coûteuses, humainement dépassées et pas si productives que ça. Sans compter les problèmes de répartition des richesses.

Les intérêts privés décident de qui (ou quoi) on doit regarder, qu’est-ce qu’on doit acheter, quelle implication on doit avoir, etc.

Les solutions Nokenchain

– Créer un écosystème qui fournira des outils simples pour chacun, plus d’interactions et d’engagements.
– Créer un nouveau système de connexions sociales via la tokenisation.
– Aider les jeunes talents via la tokenisation, pour augmenter leurs chances de succès.
– Augmenter les chances de contrats des différents utilisateurs professionnels.
– Permettre aux fans davantage d’interactions et de choix.
– Permettre aux marques d’accéder à de nouveaux canaux publicitaires beaucoup plus facilement, rapidement et directement.
– Redistribuer mieux l’argent (moins d’intermédiaires, contacts directs, moins de frais, …).
– Développer la connaissance des tokens auprès du grand public via des campagnes de communication et des outils simples.
– Faciliter la création de tokens sans connaissances en informatique.
– Organiser le marché via un système de registraires.
– Développer la création de tokens pour les individus et les objets.
– Développer le Proof of Stake.
– Recentrer la prise de décisions sur le collectif.

Tout cela sera réalisé par la création d’une grande plateforme de tokenisation, simple d’utilisation, avec des outils pour chaque type de tokens, ainsi que par des incitations à rejoindre et faire connaître la plateforme.


July 2019

Project launch (website + Facebook + Twitter + Reddit + Bitcointalk) + writing the whitepaper.

August 2019

Finalization of the whitepaper and publication (+ translation).
Discussions with the various contributors + setting up press relations for the announcement of the fundraising + finalization of the team of advisors.

September 2019

Private sale of tokens.
Establishment of the bounties (rewards).
Looking for the first investors.

October 2019

Crowdfunding campaign(s) (public sales).
Phase 1.

January 2020

Set up of the technical team + deployment of nokencoin (NOKN) + development of the Virtual Proof of Stake technology + first contacts with the crypto-exchanges.

December 2019

Deployment of the first service (simple creation of tokens).

November 2019

Public sale (cryptocurrencies).
Phase 1 and 2.

February 2020

Deployment of Nokenchain Beta 1.1 (putting all services online) + contacts with exchanges + deployment of fun tokens + airdrop.

March 2020

Communication on social networks and with our community + sending airdrop tokens + setting up collectible tokens.

April 2020

IEO on Vindax + Opening of crowdkening (tokenization by the crowd). “Crowdken” means that the community decides to create a token for a star of its choice.

May 2020 and beyond

Tools development.
Goal : A new tool every month or every two months.
Production of explanatory content.


The NOKN cryptocurrency is a tool to facilitate exchanges in the field of decentralized tokenization, as well as to create a reference index and means of exchange.

Nokenchain cryptocurrency’s terms of sale

General information

Cryptocurrency’s name (ticker) : NOKN
Based on : Waves blockchain
Protocol : WavesNG + Virtual Proof of Stake
Coin’s price : €0.01 (private sale) / €0.02 (public sale, phase 1) / €0.03 (public sale, phase 2)
Payment methods : Euros (EUR), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

Levels of fund raising

Softcap : EUR 30,000
Target A : EUR 100,000
Target B : EUR 200,000
Hardcap : EUR 400,000

Token allocation
Maximum number for private sale and public sale : 20,000,000 (9.52%)

For private sale (€0.01) : 5,000,000
For public sale phase 1 (€0.02) : 10,000,000
For public sale phase 2 (€0.03) : 5,000,000

Maximum number for team and advisors : 8,400,000 (4%)
Maximum number for the CEO : 2,100,000 (1%)
Maximum number for the reserve : 20,000,000 (9.52%)
Maximum number for rewards (bounties) and bonuses : 10,500,000 (5%)
Number generated by Proof of Stake over 20 years : 149,000,000 (70.96%)
Total number of tokens : 210,000,000 (100%)

Sale periods

Private sale : From September 9th, 2019 to September 29th, 2019
Public sale (crowdfunding / tokens at €0.02) : From October 8, 2019 to October 28, 2019
Public sale (cryptocurrencies / remaining tokens at €0.02 then tokens at €0.03) : From November 4, 2019 to January 30, 2020
Tokens orders (if softcap reached) : From December 3, 2019

Distribution and listing

Initial distribution of tokens : First quarter 2020
Listing on exchanges : First half of 2020


Read our documents !

Full list of documents about the Nokenchain project !

Whitepaper (PDF) Download
Onepager (PDF) Download
Bounty program (PDF) Download


You can get NOKN by registering on ou log in if you already have an account !

NOKN is also buyable/sellable/tradable on the Waves.Exchange app !

Android link :
iOS link :

Team members

Guillaume THUILLET





Artists CXO / CPO


Community manager




CCO (french and arabic)



Chandan LUNTHI

Blockchain-ICO expert and developer


Blockchain-ICO expert and developer

English FAQ

Below are the answers to the most pressing questions regarding our private sale, token and other.
Is it true you made a market study in 2019 ?

Yes, from January 9th to July 9th 2019. Please consult our whitepaper for more information on this subject.

What is your main idea ?

The main idea of Nokenchain is to develop and simplify the tokenization market, allowing everyone to create a token easily, and making possible the tokenization of artists, sportsmen and freelancers (by themselves or by fans and/or Internet users).

I'm an individual without reputation or a future talent, can you help me ?

Yes. At a time when projects and/or needs for help are increasing, individuals without notoriety need new ways to make their demands known, and thus develop them. That’s what we bring.

I'm an artist, athlete or freelancer, can you help me ?

Yes. To develop his activity, an artist, athlete or freelancer needs an audience. The new technologies related to tokenization allow to communicate quickly and to have tools adapted to the digital age. That’s what we bring.

What do you do for fans and Internet users ?

In today’s world, fans and Internet users act and react. They participate, analyze, criticize, marvel and want more interaction with the person they follow. That’s what we bring.

I'm a brand. Can tokenization help me ?

Companies entering the digital age are looking for new and effective ways to market their products, while understanding the importance of customer relationships. Tokenization helps to highlight products and rely on influencers interested in the brand.

Where can I find the nokencoin (NOKN) smart contract ?

You can find it here :