Our Roadmap

July 2019

Project launch (website + Facebook + Twitter + Reddit + Bitcointalk + Telegram) + writing the whitepaper.

August 2019

Finalization of the whitepaper and publication (+ translation). Discussions with the various contributors + setting up press relations for the announcement of the fundraising + finalization of the team of advisors.

September 2019

Private sale of tokens. Establishment of the bounties (rewards). Looking for the first investors.

October 2019

Crowdfunding campaign(s) (public sales). Phase 1.

November 2019

Public sale (cryptocurrencies). Phase 1 and 2.

December 2019

Deployment of the first service (simple creation of tokens).

January 2020

Set up of the technical team + deployment of nokencoin (NOKN) + development of the Virtual Proof of Stake technology + first contacts with the crypto-exchanges.

February 2020

Deployment of Nokenchain Beta 1.1 (putting all services online) + contacts with exchanges + deployment of fun tokens + airdrop.

March 2020

Communication on social networks and with our community + sending airdrop tokens + setting up collectible tokens.

April 2020

Vindax IEO + Vindax listing + Implementation of the Beta 2 website. Launch of Nokenchain phase 2.

May 2020 and beyond

Development of tools. Objective: Every month or every 2 months a new tool. Explanatory content production. Development of crowdkening (crowd tokenization). Communication.