Below are the answers to the most pressing questions regarding our private sale, token and other.

Is it true you made a market study in 2019 ?

Yes, from January 9th to July 9th 2019. Please consult our whitepaper for more information on this subject.

What is your main idea ?

The main idea of Nokenchain is to develop and simplify the tokenization market, allowing everyone to create a token easily, and making possible the tokenization of artists, sportsmen and freelancers (by themselves or by fans and/or Internet users).

I'm an individual without reputation or a future talent, can you help me ?

Yes. At a time when projects and/or needs for help are increasing, individuals without notoriety need new ways to make their demands known, and thus develop them. That’s what we bring.

I'm an artist, athlete or freelancer, can you help me ?

Yes. To develop his activity, an artist, athlete or freelancer needs an audience. The new technologies related to tokenization allow to communicate quickly and to have tools adapted to the digital age. That’s what we bring.

What do you do for fans and Internet users ?

In today’s world, fans and Internet users act and react. They participate, analyze, criticize, marvel and want more interaction with the person they follow. That’s what we bring.

I'm a brand. Can tokenization help me ?

Companies entering the digital age are looking for new and effective ways to market their products, while understanding the importance of customer relationships. Tokenization helps to highlight products and rely on influencers interested in the brand.