Crypto news (10/27th/2020)

Bitcoin Shows Highest Weekly Close Since Jan 18, While ETH Expects $ 400.
Bitcoin is still holding above the $ 13,000 mark.

After hitting two consecutive annual highs for several days, Bitcoin has calmed down but is still hovering at over $ 13,000. Most of the alternative coins have remained relatively stable, and the market cap has not yet surpassed $ 400 billion.
Bitcoin stays above $ 13k.

DEX volume rises to $ 5 billion after $ 25 million DeFi hack.
On the decentralized exchanges Uniswap and Curve Finance, trading volume has skyrocketed, exceeding $ 2 billion each.

Uniswap’s daily trading volume today surged to more than $ 2 billion, surpassing its previous record high of $ 950 million as the as-yet-unidentified DeFi hacker used “quick credits” offered by the exchange to withdraw $ 25 million from Harvest Finance. Meanwhile, Curve Finance, another DeFi exchange protocol, recorded over $ 2.8 billion in volume, beating the previous all-time high of just $ 524 million in September 2020. Taken together, this $ 5 billion represents a 1700% 24-hour increase in DEX volumes.
DEX volumes increased.

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