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EXCLUSIVE : The first offer to help you with your questions about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies !

“The general public is asking more and more questions about cryptocurrencies and blockchains” Guillaume, CEO of Nokenchain

More and more people are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchains. However, this world is large and many, many questions may exist. Fortunately, it is possible to have a crypto advisor on the phone and in English. This is what we offer you today with this useful and fast service : the 30 minutes of consulting.

Quick answers to your questions on everything about how cryptocurrencies, tokens and blockchains work

This technology is the basis of Internet 3.0, the new Internet that is coming ! We invite you to spend 30 minutes on the phone with a crypto advisor ! You read that correctly, that is the strength of our offer ! As its name suggests, the “30 minutes of consulting” service allows you to have a professional on the phone to talk about crypto. It is a quick solution to solve your various problems in the world of decentralized networks.

You save time

You just have to prepare your questions, take this service and we will contact you to set the time and day of the appointment. A crypto advisor will then spend 30 minutes with you on the phone to help you. As you will understand, there are only advantages to use this service to have your questions answered quickly.

Getting answers has never been easier. You should probably ask yourself the following question : “What if there are things I do not understand about cryptocurrencies ?”. Don’t panic, our “30 minutes of consulting” offer is here to help you. To keep it simple, write down your questions, order this offer and someone will help you over the phone.

Don’t wait a moment longer and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Dozens of people have already benefited from our help, so why not you ?

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