Most people don’t know what a token is and what it can be used for. On a larger scale, most people do not yet know how to use cryptocurrencies and / or what Blockchain or smart contracts really are.

Most tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain, which requires knowledge of the Solidity programming language. This is a big brake if for example an individual or an athlete wants to easily create his token.

There is not really yet an organization on the market (as for domain names with ICANN for example).

Most tokens created are for cryptoprojects, not yet for individuals or objects.

On another note, the Proof of Work consumes a lot of electricity.

Talent is not yet considered a metric by the general public. You can have people who have talent in a field and who can never really exploit it, which is a loss for society and humanity.

People who have reached a certain level must be able to make a living from their activity.

Signing contracts, transactions and interactions between the various participants in a system are slow, expensive, humanly outdated and not that productive. Not to mention the problems of distribution of wealth.

Private interests decide who (or what) to watch, what to buy, what involvement to have, etc.

Nokenchain's solutions

– Create an ecosystem that will provide simple tools for everyone, more interactions and commitments.
– Create a new system of social connections via tokenization.
– Help young talents through tokenization, to increase their chances of success.
– Increase the chances of contracts for different professional users.
– Allow fans more interaction and choice.
– Allow brands to access new advertising channels much more easily, quickly and directly.
– Redistribute the money better (fewer intermediaries, direct contacts, less fees, …).
– Develop knowledge of tokens with the general public through communication campaigns and simple tools.
– Facilitate the creation of tokens without computer skills.
– Organize the market through a system of registrars.
– Develop the creation of tokens for individuals and objects.
– Develop the Proof of Stake.
– Refocus decision-making on the collective.

All of this will be achieved by creating a large, easy-to-use tokenization platform, with tools for each type of token, as well as incentives to join and publicize the platform.